Friday, August 13, 2010

A Jackson Pollock Lesson..Art in the Sun

I love to teach the girls (any willing kids really) about the great artsists
and their style.
Jackson Pollock was an Action Artist in Expressionism.

He esssentially made huge splatter paintings and it is an awesome medium for kids to do outdoors.
So we threw down large sheets of paper and has 6 container or watered down paint(for cost sake) and let them fly at it.

It was fun but they realized it takes a long time to splatter a whole page full of paint.
They tired after a while and I hung them to dry.

Maybe we can line the bedroom walls with these sheets for some summer clolour.
Maybe not.


  1. That turned out lovely! How funny to find a painting activity that actually wears the children out:)

  2. So that's what you were ding when i tried to call you??!!